5 “low” signals on crypto planet N° 3

  1. French world champion Antoine Griezmann takes a stake in Sorare’s NFT exchange company, non-fungible tokens. The NFTs are unique cards that allow digital rarity and therefore their value. Some cards sell for more than €50,000, such as the Kylian Mbappé Unique. This is a sign sent to the football community towards blockchain technology and by streaming the whole ecosystem. The big idea here is the potentially massive arrival of new users. We know how popular it is in France and in the world of football. The only caution to be taken about this event is the “player” character of the football fan. Indeed it is one of the most popular sports so we can speculate on the arrival of people with low risk aversion and therefore volatility. rather attracted to trading solutions
  2. Analysts at Citi, a leading US financial institution, believe that Bitcoin has the potential to become the “currency of choice for international trade”. Bitcoin’s underlying properties of decentralisation, combined with its global reach and neutrality, could enable it to achieve the status of a currency for international trade within 7 years. The report concludes by stating that Bitcoin is “the tipping point of its existence”. The big upheaval is not in the fact that. such a serious body is proclaiming out loud what crypto enthusiasts have been saying for years, but more importantly the systemic impact of such a statement. The currency of international trade at the moment is the US DOLLAR. For obvious reasons this makes the US secure in its debt, because mechanically everyone wants it for their foreign trade. If it turns out that the dollar loses its position as the world’s number one trading currency, there is little to worry about in terms of confidence in this currency. What makes a currency a currency is the confidence that is placed in it, as we are told often enough about currency cryptos.
  3. Goldman Sachs is planning to re-launch its cryptocurrency trading service after a three-year hiatus. A veritable Wall Street mastodon, Goldman Sachs was already offering such a service in 2017 before withdrawing it due to lack of regulation in 2018. In May 2020 they said “cryptomoney, including Bitcoin, is not a relevant asset class”. Why not? Well, it was after BNY Mellon, announced the creation of a custody service for cryptomoney. They act as a trend follower. Although their solidity is not to be questioned, it is good to question their versatility. Indeed, Bitcoin already suffers from its volatile nature, the entry of an actor who has already turned his jacket in the past is not necessarily a good omen. Their purchasing capacity is immense, so their impact is not negligible whether they come in … or out. Let’s hope they don’t run away again once the BullRun is over.
  4. Crypto.com becomes a sponsor of Aston Martin’s F1. Aston Martin’s F1 cars will carry the Crypto.com logo for all the races of the competition. In addition to the fact that Aston Martin has been absent from F1 for 60 years, the typical profile of the brand’s fans is also important. They are generally stock market or private equity investors with strong fundamentals and a long track record. The appearance in their landscape of a player such as Crypto.com could lead a wave of investors wishing to diversify their assets on the block. A “weak” signal to follow closely.
  5. A French start-up, Ternoa, which wants to revolutionise the approach of time, the way of transmitting between generations in a transparent, automated and inviolable way, has obtained its ERC20 compliance. This audit was carried out by the world-renowned Certik Foundation, a further step towards its access to the general public. The solutions proposed by Ternoa: — it is possible to store data for consultation and retrieval at any time — it allows the exact date of sending to be fixed — a sort of digital safe, which can only be opened on a specific date — the time capsule is issued on the death of its creator. In order to work under the best conditions, this protocol is based on the programming interfaces (APIs) of the local death registers — allows a countdown to be activated before sending a capsule. As with many blockchain projects, there are innumerable solutions/applications imaginable, but this is a French project which leaves it up to each individual to see the use that corresponds to him. Here one can imagine simplified succession that is certainly in line with the issuer’s wishes. See the reaction of institutions and legal professionals.